The Needle’s Eye Series

Based around the South coast of England, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle Of Wight, The Needle’s Eye series follows investigator Jack Ramsay as he delves into cases of murder and mystery.

The first book in the series, Random Act, is available now from Amazon in paperback or e-book formats.


The first book in The Needle’s Eye series, Random Act introduces Jack Ramsay, whose life is on hold months after the tragic death of his wife and child.

Taking on what appears a hopeless investigation, he’s drawn into a seemingly pointless search. The local CID investigates the discovery of human bones. Detective Inspector Janet Hill is keen to wrap up the case while her sergeant appears more concerned with finding the driver of a hit and run.

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Ghost Chase is the sequel to Random Act with a number of now familiar characters re-appearing in this second book in The Needle’s Eye series.

The story unfolds on the Isle of Wight but also has Jack working further afield. He finds the deeper he delves the more there is to find!

Abduction, death and threats weave themselves into the complex plot and again Jack is drawn into a seemingly unfathomable and desperate situation.

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Meet the Author – Simon Hinton-Bates

I was born on the Isle of Wight and lived there for a number of years before moving to Hampshire and eventually Surrey where I now live with my wife, family and animals.  

I have a close affinity with the south coast and can trace my family back over many generations living and working in the area. With family still living in various parts of the Island I maintain links visiting on a regular basis.   

As a qualified teacher I had a long, happy and productive career in education. I’m also a qualified and skilled counsellor.  Now I’m exploring my passion as a full-time writer of crime fiction.

Random Act is my debut novel and it is the first book in The Needle’s Eye series.  Although The Needle’s Eye is a chronological series of novels, each one can be read and enjoyed as a ‘stand-alone’ story.

I realised I couldn’t leave Jack where he was at the end of Random Act and so the second book was a natural evolution.  Ghost Chase is a continuation of Jack’s life and his work as a private investigator now based on the Isle of Wight, following on from where we leave Jack at the end of Random Act.

I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, creating Jack Ramsay and the other characters, seeing their stories come to life.
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